What is Summer like in Indianapolis?

As days grow longer and warmer, and anxious children await the impending freedom of the school year’s end, it’s clear that summer is on its way. Indiana experiences all four seasons, so what is summer like in Indianapolis?

Are summers nice in Indianapolis?

Summer in Indianapolis is lush, green, and beautiful. Like any city, though, it comes with caveats and a few discomforts. You won’t generally experience sweltering days over 100 degrees like you would in Arizona. But those in Arizona are not likely experiencing the mosquitoes and moist air that you will feel in Indianapolis. It’s all about perspective.

Summer in Indianapolis can be great fun, and if you are willing to get out and try something new, there are countless summer activities in Indy for the whole family.

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Temperature and humidity:

The worst part about an Indiana summer is without a doubt the humidity. Though the days are not nearly as hot as much of the western United States experiences in the summer months, it may feel just as sweltering. Generally, the temperatures during the day are in the 80 degree range.

The high humidity in Indianapolis makes it nearly impossible for sweat to dry, which is how the body cools itself when it perspires. When you stay wet and hot seemingly all day long, this translates to little desire to go out of the house to do just about anything.

The evening temperatures cool off significantly, usually into the high 60s. That means if you can make it through the day’s humidity, you will usually find it nice enough to go outside after dark and enjoy the patio or fire pit. Camping and other outdoor activities can be very enjoyable during Indiana summers. The weather is not unbearable (usually) and best of all, you’ll see plenty of fireflies! If you can get out of the city, the night sky in rural Indiana is one to behold.

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Weather in Indianapolis in the Summer:

Here’s a fun fact that will almost certainly blow your mind – Indianapolis experiences more annual rainfall than Seattle, Washington. While it might not seem possible, indeed the rainy city sees less rain than this city in the plains. That being said, you will certainly encounter rain in the summer, so pack an umbrella. Rain in Indianapolis during the summer months is usually short lived and extremely regional.

It could be pouring rain on one side of town, and sunny and breezy on another. Being prepared is key, and maybe having some rainy-day summer activities planned wouldn’t hurt, either!

When summer storms brew up in Indianapolis, they can bring with them severe weather. You have likely heard that Indy sees its fair share of tornados, and those usually come when the weather is warm. Being afraid of the threat of a tornado shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your summer, after all there are potential natural disasters looming over everyone, everywhere.

Just make sure you have checked the weather before heading out on any adventures that would put you in a difficult situation for seeking shelter should the need arise. Usually when tornado warnings are in effect the danger passes quickly and everyone can get on with their daily lives in short order.

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Long Summer days in Indy:

Because of Indy’s location on the Daylight Savings map, you may notice summer days in Indianapolis to be particularly long. This is because Indianapolis is located on the far western side of the Eastern Time Zone. Being almost in Central Time, the daylight hours during the summer (and the dark hours during the winter) are more exaggerated than they are for most people in other parts of the country.

If you love having plenty of daylight to do yard work outside after work, or enjoy dinner on the patio, you’ll love the “bonus daytime” Indianapolis gets during the summer. If you have little ones who are difficult to get to bed when the sun is still up, you might find these extra minutes of the day to be not-so-great.

The month of May is a big deal in Indianapolis:

The Indianapolis 500 is not only one of the largest spectator racing events in the world, it is a way of life. The entire month of May, in preparation for the race on Memorial Day Weekend, there are festivities throughout town celebrating Indianapolis pride. The 500 Festival hosts over 50 events leading up to the big day. Breakfast at the Brickyard, numerous running events, appearances from the festival queen and her court…there is always something going on during this celebrated month.

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The Indy 500 is steeped in tradition, and these practices mean a great deal to Indianapolis residents. The Purdue University marching band plays, of course bringing with them their famous World’s Largest Drum. Fans kiss the last remaining strip of “The Brickyard” (the track’s original inlaid brick, now covered in asphalt everywhere but the final yard of the start/finish line). Eyes water as the audience and racers stand for the national anthem and Back Home Again in Indiana, the state song. Last but not least, the winner, of course, takes a sip from a bottle of milk, a tradition dating back to the 1930s.

If you live in Indianapolis, you are going to be host to these events every summer, but most residents have come to love these events and recognize them as the official start to the summer. Even if you are not a big racing fan, the 500 festival is much more about pride of the Hoosiers hosting this revered event than the actual race itself (though make no mistake, anticipation is high when the crowd finally gets to hear the iconic words “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!”)

Ready to spend your summer (and all four seasons) in Indianapolis?

Are you considering moving to the Indianapolis Metro Area and want to know more about the summer and other seasons in Indy? If so, reach out to me at Compton Realty with any questions regarding the Indy area, I can answer them all and help you find the perfect fit for yourself and your family in the Hoosier State.